My English is short but obvious.

President of Korea, Mr. Moon, though I didn't pick him
he wants to make a department called 
6 Gong Soo Cheo 9 (a.k.a 공수처)
which he introduced that it censors the corruption of high officers work for the government.

However, in these days Democrats including Mr.Moon insist that 공수처 censors officers except the Blue House and the Congress.

Isn't it creepy???

How come main officers can be exception from the investigation??

Then why should we need 공수처?

Why Moon is whining for 공수처??

Remember Moon appointed his men and women as Ministers and Judges even though they had corruptions.
Then We can reach to the conclusion that Moon would not use 공수처 to his party.
He would use the power of 공수처 to his enemies.

How dare he is!!

It seems that Mr.Moon wants to take the power of Judge.
It is obviously a crime to destruct the Constitution.
If he succeed to construct 공수처, 
Moon Monopoly would begin.

We should prevent him from doing that and throw him out!
Or we would be the ones just like North Korean people, 
living without human rights. 

Please take this seriously 
and inform everybody about this around the world. 
Women help Women around the world.