While I was reading this information about epigenetic below, I found again how important nature, nurture and the third factor epigenetic are for a baby to grow up well to be an adult having sound body and mind.

When I consider these factors, I see clearly why babies born from miserable mothers in S.Korea being bullied by sever misogyny are sick.

Mothers in S.Korea are called as a mother bug, which degrades mothers without feeling any guilty by males to bully women. Because this country shows zero respect for women.

I hope this country where I was born disappear.
As a women, this country has only degraded women from its start. Why should I care about the well being of this shitty country?

Anything that hurts and degrades women deserves   its own miserable ending.

Epigentic processes

One example is that if a pregnant rat suffers stress, the new-born rat may later show problems in its behavior.

Epigenetic processes are chemical reactions tied to neither nature nor nurture but representing what researchers have called a ‘third component’. These reactions influence how our genetic code is expressed: how each gene is strengthened or weakened, even turned on or off, to build our bones, brains, and all the other parts of our bodies.