Generally, there are three kinds of websites I used to visit: those that are used only for a lot of women, those that men mainly use, and those that are undefined websites. 

The first kind of websites is that most Korean women are mainly in use. These websites show extreme closures to protect their users from a lot of unknown spies, who are probably men. It is not weird phenomena because a lot of places where most women gather for chattering are attacked by some perverts who want to steal a glance at women’s “secret”. It has many Korean women users, but it doesn't refer to feminism because many articles are created based on women's sexual objectification.

The second kind of websites I visit is that, as you know, there are mainly opened for most Korean men. These websites are not difficult to log in/out; however, most comments that are given by many Korean men are so nasty. They always fight with each other, even associate with a crime. For example, since some company opened the website that could be uploaded a lot of pornographies, many Korean males have watched that video, which is captured a woman’s body, at least once. I think that no one doesn’t watch that video or access such a website for their sexual desire. 

The last kind of websites I visit is an undefined website. Although only women can access this website, this site have many differences with the first kind of website. Unlike the first kind of website, which tempts many women by uploading a lot of article about cosmetics, ex-boyfriends, and celebrities, this kind of website is about rights of whole women. Also, this website’s users always discuss that all women live as people who have power. That is, this web site is used as a method for debating on feminism. 

Even though they are certainly not equally important, I used to access all of these three kinds of websites.