It happened about a year ago.

When I was at the cafe I frequently visited at that time,

I was seen as someone who got easily over-reacting due to an event by staffs at the cafe.

One day, when I left my place to go rest room with all my belongings on the table like everybody does,

I came back from rest room and noticed my bag was gone.

I left the place about less than 10minutes.

I checked rest room throughly to find my bag in case I broght my bag with me when I was using rest room.

I could not find it.

So I asked the cafe staff to check the CCTV to find whether someone brought my bag with her or him.

A cafe staff told me it is not possible since the camera was not actually working but just a fake camera.

However, the other staff at higher position came to me and told me it is a real camera.

Also, checking the cctv is possible but not by myself but by the police officials due to the laws.

Unlike the liar, a male worker, she helped me.

She told me that only police can check it, so if i want to check it then I need to call the police.

So I called the police.

I have paid my taxes for this kind of service to secure my wealth and safety.

The police official came and asked me what happened and what he should do to help me.

I made very clear what happend and what he should do.

However, his facial expression was so annoying since he thought it is a trivial thing.

Also, even though I made very clear things he should look for in the video and the time he needed to check carefully,

but he checked the video as not the way I asked him.

For example, I asked him to check video between 10:00 and 10:10.

But he told me he found nothing strange in the video from 10:10 to 10:20.

So I asked him again to check the exact time I might be robbed of my bag.

He showed his getting irritated emotion on his face.

He is civile servant and his job is helping person like me in need.

He was rude and intimidating.

After some minutes later,

the male poilice came back and told me he found no one stealing my bag.

I knew all he wanted to do was just finishing this case and getting some rest.

I asked him again to check the video more thoroughly,

because that was the only avaible time when my bag was stolen.

He just finished case with his irritating and annoying face with telling me that he would not do it no more.

Think of what would happen if this happened not in S.Korea but developed countries whose people and civil servant always follow their laws.

Firstly, the male server at cafe would have not lied to me to get away from his gettin involved in difficult situations. 

If it happened in other developed countries, he would have followed the rightful precesses instead of lying to his customer in need.

Seondly, the male police official would have helped me more kindly and more focused on what processes I wanted to be done by the police official.

Unlike Korean male police man who frowned his face to show how annoyed he is to deal with my case and did not listen to my requests for him properly,

I am for sure at least the police officials in developed country would have acted differently not because of their morals but because of their laws.

After calling the police, the staffs at my used-to-be favorite cafe showed how uncomfortable for them to deal with me.

I was for sure they talked back a lot about me.

Also i guranteed they even worried about my being  sensitive enouegh to call the police or my not acting like others who endure not to  make a scene in public.

I bacame an uncomfortable person to them because I tried my best to protect my wealth and I used every means to revenge who stole my belongings.

So I quit to visit the cafe because I do not deserve being seen as some overly sensitive instead of trying her best to keep herself safe wisely by all means.

This story ends like this.

Whenever I think about this event, I feel bitter.

I thank myself a lot because even though I knew I would be seen as some wired by others, but I did what others do not but what I had to do to keep myself safe.

However, why should I have to use my energy to do something right?

I did not have to use my energy to do the right thing if I was in a country whose people follow its laws well due to highly developed law systems.

The reason I want to leave S.Korea is for not to be someone  brave too much all the time to do the right thing.

The phragraphs below  shows how important not logic but emotion even in the laws in S.Korea.

I have no great love for Park, but it's hard not to notice that her impeachment is pretty much based on the Korean people's hurt feelings. She is possibly the first president of any democratic nation to be formally impeached for being embarrassing, stupid and indiscreet, and not for hard evidence of graft, corruption or perjury.

In America, there is no way a president can be impeached for being embarrassing and stupid. In fact, it might be one of the only jobs in the United States where you can't be fired for that sort of thing. And that's probably a good thing; ruling by the people's emotions might work in Korea, but it is not compatible with American democracy.

I do not want to live this insecure country where no matter how powerful female is in business or politic can be broken not by her faults but by misogyny.

In S.Korea, killing women phsically and socially is an amusing soorts to all Korean excepting only few females who noticed this misogyny.

Think of what happend to me.

If I were a male, you think the male server and the male police officail would frown their face and try to get away from their work?

Nah. I do not think so.

I think every country are the same but at least in developed countries, there are laws for women not not severly experience misogyny not because the developed countries care for its women but because they know otherwise all female stop get married and give a birth.

As a women, I have no country.

So, I just move to other country which treat me a little better.

Because I really am not sure I would not get killed some day in S .Korea socially or physically or in both ways