Hi, I just started to take some courses of a sort social sciences in English and need to read many of  articles and textbooks regarding concepts. I wonder what can be a better way of reading for me. I found that I got bad habit of reading, speed reading, after using smart phone. I tryied to read the first page of my text thoroughly. When I found unkown vocabularies, I stopped to read and checked the meaning of them with both Eng-Kor and Eng-Eng, which were more than 10. It takes so long time, because it also takes time to check the structure of sentences, to finish the first page in this way. I'm using Eng-Eng dictionary mainly for correct pronunciation signs.  

My vocabulary level is very low and not enough to follow the academic lectures for now, but I'm sure it'll get better. If you share your way of studying, I'd really appreciate it!


P.S Now I'm writing with my laptop not having auto correction. This reminds me how much I rely on devices, not on my own ability.